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    Dabblebet kladionica, nisam igrao…

    Get losing stakes back as cash up to 50 GBP

    What is dabble or quits?

    dabble or quits is the excellent new promotion from dabblebet that sees regular betting customers rewarded for their loyalty. It’s an always running promotion where we’ll pay back losing stakes to customers who go on to win their next bet, as long as the qualifying terms are met.

    No one likes a losing bet so we’ve given you the chance to win back losing stakes for as long as the promotion is running. If your losing bet was at odds of 5/1 (6.0) or more and your stake was £5 or more, then as long as your next bet is at a minimum of the same odds and a minimum of the same stake and it wins, then we’ll refund you your losing stake in cash. Full terms and conditions apply and can be found below. Good luck!


    1. Only bets placed at 5/1 or above qualify for the promotion with a minimum stake of £5
    2. Your next bet must be placed at a minimum of the same odds and a minimum of the same stake as your previous, losing bet:
    a. For clarity and as an example – if you lose a bet of £5 at 5/1, your next bet must be a minimum of £5 at a minimum of 5/1 in order to qualify
    3. Maximum losing stake returned is £50
    4. Any qualified returns of losing stakes will be credited back to your account by 4pm the day following the settlement of your qualifying bets
    a.For clarity if you lose a bet of £5 at 5/1 on Monday and then place a bet on another market that finishes/settles on the following Sunday, then you will have your original losing £5 stake returned by 4pm on the following Monday.
    5.This promotion runs by bet placement time – if betting on future events or outright markets, please remember that you may not get your losing stakes returned until those events have settled
    6.If placing numerous bets at the same time within one betslip, then the bets will qualify by the order they are on the betslip
    a.For example, if placing 3x single bets and 1x treble, the order for qualification would be – Single A, Single B, Single C, Treble A
    7.With each way bets, only the win part of the bet will count towards the promotion
    a.For clarity if a £5 e/w bet loses, your next stake must be £5 at the same odds as the e/w bet
    b.If you lose a bet of £5, and your next bet is an e/w bet, it must be a minimum of £5 e/w
    8.If any of your bets become void, these will not count towards the promotion and therefore you can still benefit from your next winning bet
    a.To clarify, if Bet A loses, Bet B voids and Bet C wins, then as long as all other qualifying terms have been met, you will have your stake returned from Bet A
    9.Any related bets will not count towards the promotion
    10.There is no limit to the number of times you can benefit from this promotion as long as all qualifying bet terms are met and until dabble decides to stop the promotion or change the terms of the promotion
    11.dabblebet reserves the right to void any bets pre-event and return money to players account that follow a predetermined pattern of suspected bonus abuse
    12.dabblebet reserves the right, at its discretion, to exclude certain customers from this promotion
    13. dabblebet reserves the right to change the terms or availability of this offer at any time
    14. dabblebetTerms and Conditions apply.

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